April 29, 2015 - Bostik News

Winning at Bostik: Americas National Sales Manager, Performance & Distribution

With a professional career in sales and management, I was looking for a technology driven company that had a truly collaborative culture. I was drawn to Bostik because of their intensity to win. I knew it was a cultural fit for me in terms of my competitive nature and entrepreneurial spirit. I’m surrounded daily by this same desire to succeed in applications, technologies, and markets with a customer centric focus.

Although competitive to win the sale, integrity is key for me. Bostik’s commitment to ethics and integrity was evident immediately and runs deep within the culture.

My personal sales philosophy is creating a culture of urgency with the customer being the focus of that urgency. I’m committed to developing long term intense customer relationships, providing value, and delivering sustained results.

I knew I had a lot to bring to Bostik and at the same time value the investment they are making in me with regard to my personal and professional development. Bostik continues to support my professional growth. The culture is very collaborative and you are expected to work cross functionally to be effective. From my start date on, I have been part of cross functional and charter teams making Bostik a better company, for our employees and our customers.

As a member of our sales organization, we have high expectations for performance and recruit people who are driven by success while working in a collaborative environment. It takes a team effort to satisfy the needs of our customers. To thrive, we expect constant interaction between R&D, technical resources, customer service, marketing, production and sales to care for our customers.

The reality is, Bostik isn’t necessarily the right place for everyone, but we ARE right for those who work collaboratively to think and act boldly beyond today. We are driven by those whose careers are built on expertise powered by innovation that goes far beyond the expected. I’m glad to be part of a winning team.

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