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Window and Door Adhesive Benefits

According to Global Market Insights, the window and door market size is expected to exceed $25 billion by 2023. Growing at a rate of over 6% from 2016 to 2023, this is due to an increase in construction work and home improvement projects as the economy continues to rebound.

Adhesives play an important role in the construction of windows and doors. They must stay bonded to the window and door materials over a wide temperature range and resist various environmental elements, including heat, humidity, winds, rain and sleet.

In addition, window and door adhesives offer several other benefits, especially when using elastic bonding adhesives, which offer flexibility, strength and adhesion. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits:

Benefit #1: Improved Window and Door Functionality

If the correct adhesive for windows and doors is chosen and applied properly, it can eliminate leaks and stress concentration points. Additionally, it allows for thermal expansion and contraction of the finished unit.

  • Impact of Thermal Expansion and Contraction: All building materials expand and contract with temperature changes. If the incorrect adhesive product is used and the window or door is unable to expand or contract, cracking and warping can occur.

It’s also important to note that higher quality materials, such as woods, plastics and metals, improve window and door construction, helping the sealant achieve optimal performance.

window and door adhesive

Benefit #2: Reduced Operational Costs

Adhesives for windows and doors also help manufacturers reduce costs. These products produce a higher quality window or door, which reduces warranty claims and unit failures. Additionally, window and door adhesives are more durable, leak-proof and help dampen wind noise.

Benefit #3: Increased Manufacturing Productivity

Window and door adhesives improve manufacturing productivity. Because they are quick curing, they reduce cycle times, which allows for finished units to ship faster. Additionally, window and door adhesives can be robotically applied or from a dispense gun, which aids in consistency and quicker production.

The Bostik Solution

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