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Why L7132K Stands Out and Application Considerations to Make

Bostik manufactures a range of quality adhesive products that can be used in a variety of markets. L7132K is one adhesive system in particular that works well in aerospace, automotive and assembly applications. Let’s take a closer look at why L7132K stands out and application considerations to make.

What is L7132K?

L7132K is a high performance adhesive that delivers on the high performance by crosslinking. This adhesive is sold as a two-part kit comprised of Bostik’s 7132R and Boscodur 24T. It is sold as a kit, because the crosslink chemistry is not stable as a one-pack solution. As soon as the two parts are combined, the reaction begins and the crosslinking starts.

Part one, 7132R, displays inherently high adhesion to polyolefin foams, polyester films, most plastic laminating films, foils, sheet metals and cellulosics in general. It also secures strong anchorage to PVC.

Part two, Boscodur 24T, is used to ensure the development of heat and creep resistant bonds.

What Benefits Does L7132K Offer Customers?

This kit is specifically designed for use in the vacuum form bonding of PVC films to wood, fiberboards and most porous substrates. Benefits include:

  • Wide processing window, which allows for its use in customers’ varying processes
  • Excellent adhesion to vinyl, particle board, polyolefin foams and plastics
  • Cures to touch, highly heat resistant film

Additionally, L7132K offers superior bonds with excellent heat resistance as a result of its crosslinking.

Applications for L7132K:

Bostik’s L7132K adhesive system kit can be used in the following applications:

  • Aerospace: laminating decorative films to aluminum or honeycomb sidewalls in the construction of cabin interiors
  • Automotive: vacuum forming PVC film and polyolefin foam to rigid substrates in the manufacturing of door panels, consoles, dashboards and other interior trim applications
  • Furniture: vacuum forming PVC films to particle boards in the production of decorative furniture facings
  • Luggage: vacuum form construction of PVC-coated luggage shells

Application Considerations to Make for L7132K

1. Bostik’s L7132K is typically sprayed onto various applications. However, it can also be direct rolled, brushed or machine coated. While it is generally used as is, it may be diluted with additional solvent.

A customer may want to dilute the product with additional solvent in order to adjust its viscosity, improving the application of the adhesive.

2. When applying L7132K, the solvent should be allowed to evaporate before the bonded part or composite can be created.

3. Heat application is best and helps accelerate the curing process. Instead of curing over two days, it can be completed in 20 minutes or less, depending on the temperature. Temperatures ranging from 350-400°F are typically used.

4. Once blended, it’s important to consider the system’s pot life, which is 8 hours. If not used within a reasonable period of time, the adhesive that has been mixed together will rise in viscosity and ultimately gel. This is the crosslinking that is typically occurring after the adhesive is applied. However, it can also happen in the pot if the wait time is too long.

5. This two-part adhesive has recommended blend ratios. It’s important to consider the specific application, as it may have a preferred blend ratio. It’s recommended that customers experiment with various blend ratios when applying to see which works best for a given application. (This is usually only slight variations from the recommended blend ratio.) Contact a Bostik associate for assistance.

For more information on Bostik’s L7132K, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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