January 10, 2018 - Rigid Packaging

What’s Trending in the Folding Cartons Market?

Smithers Pira cites that folding cartons are likely to reach $184 billion in 2018. Growing from $140 billion in 2012, this type of packaging is a popular choice for many end-use applications, including cereal boxes and ready meals.

Take a look at leading trends impacting this market as well as top challenges.

Safety Innovations

As the need to reduce potential contamination has grown, barrier coatings in these cartons continue to advance. Designed to improve consumer safety, these barriers prevent migration of known and unknown substances.

Lifestyle Shifts

Shifting consumer lifestyles impact folding cartons as well. For example, the growing number of single person households and the demand for convenient on-the-go eating has led to an increase in single serve carton packages.

Design Changes

In an effort to differentiate their product on store shelves, brand owners are favoring cartons that offer advanced designs and printing techniques. These include:

  • QR codes
  • Holographic images

Folding Cartons Market Challenges

Yet this market is not without its challenges. In particular, the market will see increased competition from plastic-based flexible packaging, given its ability to offer addition functionality.

However, paper-based folding cartons offer sustainability advantages, which is increasingly popular among consumers and brand owners. Environmentally friendly, folding cartons also offer faster biodegradability.

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