April 13, 2016 - Aerospace

What’s New in the Aerospace Market?

This year’s Aircraft Interiors Show in Hamburg, Germany revealed new trends that currently are or soon will be impacting the aerospace industry.

Aerospace Industry Trend 1: Connectivity

Today’s society continues to become more connected on multiple devices simultaneously. As a result, aerospace companies will feel increased pressure to figure out how to integrate and build off of connected passengers’ devices and deliver value-added experiences people want.

Some companies are already doing this and have a competitive advantage over those that are not. On certain airlines, passengers can watch high definition video while using the Internet, making phone calls and hosting video conferences during their flight.

The demand for an in flight multi-tasking ability is predicted to increase as passengers’ connectivity expectations and needs do as well.Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.01.21 AM

Aerospace Industry Trend 2: Energy Savings

In addition to using composites in airplane manufacturing to lower fuel emissions and improve the environment, aerospace companies are looking for other ways to save energy.

These upcoming trends include self-sufficient cabin systems that save power and use rechargeable and replaceable battery trolleys. Solar energy windows are another idea that can help regulate light, glare and heat within an airplane.

Aerospace Industry Trend 3: Weight Reduction

Another way to decrease energy usage is by weight reduction. Airlines are already turning to lighter weight seat frames made with composite materials. Other ideas include a dehumidifier that removes water buildup from condensation in ceiling blankets. This saves fuel by reducing water weight.

Adhesives are another way to reduce aircraft weight without compromising on strength. Heat seal adhesivesskin to core composites and contact adhesives are some examples of adhesives for aircraft interiors that help reduce airplane weight.

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