September 20, 2019 - Flexible Packaging

What to Know Before Choosing a Cold Seal Adhesive

Cold seal adhesives are a popular bonding option for many food and non-food applications. Enabling high packaging speeds and improving package integrity, these solutions define much of today’s flexible packaging. Yet while you may have considered that cold seals are right for your needs, you may still need help determining which product will work best. Follow these simple tips for determining both your application and technical requirements.

Application Requirements

  • Consider FDA and other governmental regulations.

Cold seal adhesives can be ideal for many candy, bakery and nutrition bar packaging applications. Additionally, they work well for dishwasher tablets and tea bag packaging. Ensure you know the requirements your application entails before choosing a cold seal adhesive.

  • Determine the packaging requirements.

The packaging substrate can also determine which cold seal adhesive is right for you. Certain adhesives may bond better to some material types over others. Additionally, your existing packaging equipment and processing needs can largely dictate which adhesive will work best.

Technical Requirements

  • Know the seal strength needs.

It’s also a good idea to think about how strong of a seal the packaging will need. To determine this, note:

  • Minimum seal strength
  • Measured off press (immediate)
  • Expected mode of failure

You should also consider the level of blocking resistance needed and what the testing conditions entail.

For further help, consult with a Bostik expert to determine the technical specifications.

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