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What Packaging Converters Can Expect Through 2030

Growth is not the only thing packaging converters should prepare for in the decade ahead, according to McKinsey & Company. From now until 2030, greater pressures and disruptive changes are in store that will raise the bar on packaging performance. Get in the know on what those packaging trends are to ensure you’re able to address them.

Ecommerce will be Everywhere

Consumers increasingly demand convenient yet cost-effective shopping experiences. In upcoming years, it is likely that autonomous vehicles will be used for last-mile delivery. This will give consumers both greater delivery convenience while increasing productivity and keeping shipping and delivery costs low.

For converters, this shift means that packaging could be subjected to increased requirements, especially as the automated last-mile delivery process and what packages will be subjected to is further determined.

Digital will Define Packaging

Additionally, over the next decade, technology will be increasingly used in packaging to gain competitive edge with consumers. In particular, this will include:

  • Augmented reality: This new technology will enable consumers to virtually interact with packaging to moving graphics, read helpful content about the product and more.
  • Smart packaging: This type of packaging uses technology to prevent food spoilage, measure product quality and communicate product information to consumers.
  • Nanotechnology: This new technology can provide advanced package tracking, theft protection and more.

It will be important for converters to incorporate this technology into their packaging to increase brand awareness and build consumer loyalty in upcoming years.

Sustainability will be Key

Further, it will become more critical for packaging to address consumer demand for sustainability. In particular, this means converters must manufacturer packaging that is:

  • Compostable
  • Recyclable
  • Reusable

Additionally, packaging that reduces material use and waste production will be key in upcoming years as consumers put more emphasis on helping the environment.

Is Your Packaging Ready for the Future?

Consider this helpful content to ensure your packaging is ready for the next decade:

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