March 31, 2020 - Aerospace

3 Things to Know When Selecting Aircraft Interior Adhesives

In the aerospace industry, all manufacturing materials, including aircraft interior adhesives must pass stringent safety and performance requirements. Follow these tips to ensure you know how to select an aircraft interior adhesive:

Do the adhesives comply with FAA regulations?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has enacted a range of regulations on what materials can be used in aircraft manufacturing. For aircraft interior adhesives, these regulations primarily correspond to flammability.

Choosing an adhesive that offers flame retardancy directly in its formulation can help you meet these requirements without additional manufacturing steps or products.

aircraft interior adhesives

What are the adhesives’ performance properties?

While it’s important for aircraft interior adhesives to meet needed safety requirements, ensure your chosen bonding solution is also equipped for the following:

  • Sound reduction
    • To improve passenger comfort as much as possible, consider adhesives that offer sound damping capability to reduce noise and vibration in flight.
  • Durability
    • Aircraft interiors are subject to repeated wear and tear from passengers and crew members. Ensure your adhesives are able to withstand scuffing, scratching, foot traffic, dirt, etc.
  • Fuel efficiency
    • Adhesives can help address lightweight design needs when able to bond to dissimilar substrates, such as composites.

How do the adhesives impact manufacturing processes?

Ensure your chosen adhesive is able to address your needed manufacturing processes. For example, it may require certain equipment or extended cure times.

Adhesives that are easy to apply and allow for process flexibility can be key to saving you time and money.

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