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Standard Web Adhesives vs. Sharnet® Web Adhesives: Understand Your Options

Ideal for a range of applications in the aerospace, automotive and assembly markets, web adhesives offer a uniform, durable and breathable bond between substrates. However, not all are alike. Gain insight into two types of web adhesives as well as benefits overall.

Types of Web Adhesives

Web adhesives are hot melt adhesives that have been converted into a nonwoven material that handles like fabric. Using polyester, polyamide or polyurethane polymers, these adhesives can be made by a modified melt blown process (Standard) or through a modified blown process (Sharnet).web adhesives

  • Standard Web Adhesives

Standard web adhesives are made in a fine filament pattern that offers good textile hand and uniform adhesive coverage. With basis weights ranging from 15 – 100 grams per square yard, standard widths are 60 inches. However, custom widths are available from 10 to 75 inches.

Common applications for these adhesives include:

  • Automotive headliners
  • Filters
  • Leather seats
  • Sharnet Web Adhesives

Sharnet web adhesives are ideal for applications that require additives, such as flame retardancy or colors. These adhesives are produced through a foam fibrillation method creates a coarser web pattern than standard webs. Their basis weights range from 12 – 60 grams per square yard, offering a standard width of 60 inches. Like the standard webs, custom widths are available from 10 to 75 inches.

Common applications for these adhesives include:

  • Aircraft interiors
  • Rail car galleys
  • Mattressesweb adhesives

Web Adhesive Benefits

Both standard and Sharnet webs improve operational efficiencies, reduce waste and save money. Certain benefits in particular include:

  • Consistent adhesive application control
  • Optimized weight to performance criteria
  • Ease of use
  • Enhanced plant space utilization
  • VOC-free formulations
  • Breathable bonds
  • Wash/dry clean resistance

For more information on specific adhesives and determining whether a standard or Sharnet web is best for you, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com/us.

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