How are Web Adhesives Giving You Even More Value?

As Bostik’s first manufacturing site in the U.S., the Middleton, MA plant is uniquely positioned to serve customer needs for a range of industrial markets. From aerospace to packaging, Bostik Middleton formulates several types of adhesive chemistries and technologies. In particular, these capabilities include manufacturing the company’s leading web adhesive products.

Known for their flexibility, environmental friendliness and ease of use, web adhesives help manufacturers:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Simplify processes

Yet now, Bostik’s web adhesives offer customers even more value. Gain insight into how the plant has made further improvements to make web adhesives better.

Bostik Middleton’s New Web Adhesive Inspection System

web adhesives

Recently, the Middleton plant implemented a web adhesive inspection system for its polyester web products to aid in continued quality control improvement efforts.

The plant’s new inspection system uses cameras to:

  • Detect any cosmetic defects
  • Ensure consistent adhesive thickness

If issues arise, operators are alerted immediately and are able to address the problem before the product is sent to the customer.

In addition to faster, consistent and more thorough problem detection, the web inspection system enables Bostik Middleton to correct problems right away to avoid them in the future. Furthermore, the system records footage that the team can review on-the-spot, should a customer call with any product quality questions. It also enables the plant to better quantify product data in order to understand where to concentrate improvement efforts going forward.

Bostik Middleton’s Green Efforts

Additionally, Bostik Middleton continues to make sustainability a priority for all its adhesive processes, including web adhesives. In particular, this includes vetting new processes that help reduce product waste as much as possible by improving first time right or recycling where that is not possible. Doing so improves the plant’s overall carbon footprint while meeting customer demands for environmentally friendly products.

For more information on Bostik Middleton’s improvement efforts, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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