April 4, 2019 - Flexible Packaging

Know Which Type of Vitel® Resin is Right for Your Needs

From graphic arts to food and medical packaging, Bostik’s Vitel resins are an important part of product formulation. Extremely versatile, these products offer a good balance of properties when blended or when used alone.

Gain insight into the three distinct categories of Vitel resins.

Category 1: Extrusion Polymers with Limited Solubility

The Vitel 1000 series offer superior chemical and temperature resistance. Additionally, they offer excellent adhesion to untreated polyester surfaces. With low solubility, the Vitel 1000 series are geared toward extrusion or coextrusion processes.Vitel resins

In particular, many resins in this category hold FDA compliance for direct and indirect food contact. Additionally, by incorporating an alipathic acid portion to their backbone, these Vitels have a bond strength on polyester materials that make them peelable.

As a result, this category of resins is ideal for food packaging applications. Bostik offers resins for formulating, as well as formulated products for heat seal applications.

Category 2: Hard Resinous Polymers

The Vitels in this category are coating resins, exhibiting high tensile strength and low elongation properties. These products are categorized by their excellent adhesion to PET films as well as their toughness.

Vitel resinsIn particular, they can be for specialized use alone or modified in adhesive applications where high cohesive strength is of prime importance. The abrasion, scuff and chemical resistance of this grade of resins makes them
ideal for applications like the interior coatings of food cans and over laminates, while the ink binding properties and inherent UV resistance offer exceptional properties for ink formulations.

Compatible with a wide range of materials, a high percentage of modifications can be incorporated into them, helping them obtain varying performance properties like tensile and elongation, hardness and Tg.

Category 3: Soft Flexible Polymers

Designed primarily for adhesive applications, these types of Vitels can also be used to modify hard resinous materials, such as:

  • Vitel coating resins
  • Nitrocellulose
  • Vinyls

When used as a coating modifier, these polymers significantly improve adhesion to many substrates. Like the coating resins, the Vitels in this category can assist in improving pigment binding but offer the additional benefit of  improving film flexibility.

The compatibility of the Vitel resins allows formulators the opportunity to achieve the desired performance for applications across many markets.

For more insight into specific Vitel resins within each of these categories, contact Bostik today.

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