January 20, 2020 - Rigid Packaging

Looking to Boost Your Packaging’s Sustainability?

In a previous blog, we detailed why PET packaging stands out among other packaging options. Yet versatility, transparency and ease-of-use aren’t the only benefits PET brings to the market. Take a closer look at why PET packaging is quickly becoming a top packaging choice for sustainability.

  1. Enhanced Food and Beverage Protection

PET packaging offers excellent barrier properties that enable the package contents to be preserved and protected from contamination. When used with other technologies, it also offers superior protection against:

  • Oxygen
  • Carbon dioxide migration
  • UV light

These qualities enable this packaging to increase food and beverage shelf life, contributing to the reduction in annual waste.

  1. Reduction in Resource and Energy Use

PET packaging helps conserve resources during manufacturing and shipping. For example, PET technology developments enable manufacturers to use fewer materials and cut down on the energy needed to assemble the product.

Additionally, its lightweight quality enable lower costs and fewer greenhouse gas emissions when shipping than heavier packaging options.

PET packaging

  1. Improved Recyclability

Fully recyclable, PET can be turned into a multitude of other uses, including:

  • New bottles
  • Carpeting
  • Fleece textiles

Deemed a valuable resource, an increasing amount of PET recycling centers are being built around the globe, especially as sustainability’s importance continues to rise as well.

Just as this type of packaging benefits the environment, it’s important to use other materials that do as well. For smart and sustainable adhesives used in PET bottle labeling, visit www.bostik.com.

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