July 13, 2018 - Assembly

Two Mattress Assembly Equipment Changes

According to Transparency Market Research, the global mattress market is forecast to reach $43.43 billion by 2024. With growth due in large part to shifting consumer preferences, economy improvements and the rising hospitality industry, manufacturers must adapt production lines to meet new demands. Gain insight into two of these changes likely to come and their impact on adhesives.

Change #1: Roll-Packaged Mattresses

With the skyrocketing success of ecommerce, mattress manufacturers are looking for ways to service this market and consumers’ growing preference for it. One innovation in particular includes a roll-packaging equipment system that will automatically wrap, compress and roll mattresses into easily shippable boxes.

By reducing mattresses to shippable sizes, pocketed coil, latex and foam mattresses will be more easily able to compete in today’s ecommerce marketplace. Upon arrival, the mattresses will simply and conveniently unfold for consumer use.

Change #2: Digitally-Made Mattresses

To maximize efficiency, manufacturers are also implementing equipment systems that eliminate the likelihood of human error and reduce training time. In particular, this new equipment will feature:

  • Touchpad operation
  • Remote plant monitoring

Additionally, by utilizing robotics and digital-age equipment solutions, mattress manufacturers will be able to more precisely reduce waste production and downtime. This equipment will also be more efficiency able to cut today’s advanced foams and gel foams used in the assembly process.

How These Changes Impact Mattress Adhesives

As the equipment changes and mattress assembly gets increasingly faster and more complex, adhesives will need to adapt accordingly. In particular, they will need to work well on automated production lines and not clog or cause equipment downtime. Mattress adhesives will also need to offer precise application for reduced waste and be fast setting. Furthermore, they must withstand temperature ranges associated with shipping and maintain adhesion when compressed and unrolled.

Bostik manufactures smart mattress adhesives and has the application expertise to adapt solutions in conjunction with the market. For more information on these smart products and how they can improve mattress assembly, visit www.bostik.com.

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