March 13, 2017 - Automotive

Tips for Selecting the Right Automotive Adhesive

Markets and Markets cites that the global automotive adhesive market is set to be worth $6.05 billion by 2021. While adhesives offer significant benefits over traditional metal fasteners, it’s important to ensure the correct one is chosen for a given application.

Here are some tips on what to consider when selecting an automotive adhesive:

Adhesive Chemistry

It’s important to understand that automotive adhesive chemistry plays a significant role in determining how well a chosen adhesive will work. While all adhesives have certain advantages, the type of chemistry allows some adhesives to perform better than others:

  • On particular substrates
  • Under different temperatures
  • For certain aftermarket repairs

automotive adhesivesAssembly Time

Automotive adhesives have different preparation needs and cure times. These often vary depending on the needed application. For example, some adhesives can be applied primerless or using automated systems and offer faster set speeds than others.

Understanding the entire assembly process and how much time it will take before an adhesive is fully cured is important.

Temperature and Stress Requirements

Prior to selecting an adhesive, determine whether it will be exposed to constant or intermittent stress during use. For example, some adhesives can take extreme stress for short periods but cannot withstand the stress over longer periods.

Additionally, adhesives with low temperature cures may not withstand high temperatures during use. Likewise, it’s important to ensure automotive adhesives that can withstand high temperatures do not crack during low temperatures.

While there is a lot to consider prior to selecting an automotive adhesive, working with the right manufacturer can help. In addition to offering smart solutions, Bostik works with customers every step along to way to ensure the right adhesive is chosen and meets their needs. For more information on our automotive adhesive solutions, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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