August 9, 2017 - Flexible Packaging

Three Trends in Pet Food Packaging

According to Freedonia Group, demand for pet food packaging is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2018. As consumers become increasingly involved in their pets’ wellbeing, the packaging market has adapted to their new preferences. Take a look at three trends and the packaging market’s response.


While not a new concept to the pet food industry, consumers continue to care more about ensuring their pet food comes from all-natural, sustainable practices. This, in turn, has caused the pet food packaging market to shift focus.

For example, the packaging is now made from biodegradable materials approved for post-consumer recycling. Additionally, the market is moving away from multi-wall paper packaging to flexible plastic packaging, which offers the following benefits:

  • Improved packaging functionality
  • Reduced spoilage
  • Opportunity for enhanced graphics


In addition to consumers making purchase decisions based on sustainability, the pet food industry realizes that shelf appeal goes a long way in getting them to notice products in the first place. To that end, this market has shifted the type of aesthetic appeal of its packaging.

Now, these products are sold in textured packaging, such as:

  • Matte and partial matte finishes
  • Special material that gives it more depth and dimension

Additionally, as consumers gravitate toward packaging with high quality graphics for their own food products, the same mindset applies toward pet food packaging. In response, pet food companies are designing packaging with improved graphics and imagery.


Consumers also care about convenience when it comes to their pet food. To address this, the pet food packaging market uses different types and sizes of pouches for food vs. treats. Furthermore, this packaging now offers slider zippers, tear notches, hook-to-hook closures and fitments. These new, convenient designs also are custom to whether the contents are wet or dry food.

Yet in responding to these trends and giving consumers what they want, companies need to keep in mind the important role adhesives play in package manufacturing. For example, adhesives not only determine package functionality, they also help in improving its overall aesthetics.

To ensure your pet food packaging is manufactured using adhesives that can withstand even the most stringent application demands while improving operational efficiencies, consider using Bostik’s smart adhesives.

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