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4 Ways Polyolefins are the Smart Choice

Check out this interactive infographic to learn how polyolefin adhesives can benefit your manufacturing processes and end-use products.

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Polyolefin Adhesives: Characteristics, Comparisons and Replacements

According to Markets and Markets, the polyolefin adhesive market size is projected to reach $297.09 billion by 2021. With applications in a range of markets including filtration, general assembly and mattresses, these adhesives are efficient, fast, safe and high-performing. Let’s take a closer look at: Polyolefin adhesive characteristics How they compare to certain other hot …

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4 Ways Polyolefin Adhesives are the Smart Choice

Bostik’s adhesives are manufactured using nine different types of chemistries, including polyolefin. Each of these chemistries possess four key qualities that make them the smart choice. Find out why polyolefin adhesives in particular are efficient, fast, safe and high-performing. For more ways Bostik makes adhesives “smart”, visit our recent blog post.

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