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April 27, 2020 - Building & Construction

How to Address Residential and Commercial Window Trends

As key trends shape both the residential and commercial window markets, it can be difficult for manufacturers to address window trends while meeting performance levels and production needs. Fortunately, the right modified silicone backbedding solution can help make it easy. Find out how. Residential Window Trends In the residential window market, consumers increasingly prefer big …

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October 1, 2018 - Building & Construction

5 Advantages to Using Modified Silicone Backbedding Sealants

As window and door demand rises, you’re likely looking for ways to improve processes. Fortunately, modified silicone backbedding sealants can help you more easily meet high output demands, offering the following advantages over other options: Faster Green Strength Before a sealant can offer full performance capabilities, it must first achieve its green strength. For some …

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