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April 18, 2017 - Assembly

Using Foam-in-Place Adhesive Systems for Appliance Assembly

In a recent blog post, we discussed benefits to using a foam-in-place adhesive dispensing equipment system. These benefits included: Reduced labor costs Reduced material costs Reduced in-process inventory While these systems are used in a range of applications, such as automotive door handles and electronics, they also play an important role in the assembly of …

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May 10, 2016 - Assembly

Foam-in-Place Gasketing and Sealing

Manufacturers in the automotive, electronics, construction and appliances markets often use gaskets to provide a tight seal between two surfaces to prevent leakage. These gaskets serve as a complete barrier and have gap-filling properties. Rather than manually applying gaskets to seal two surfaces, manufacturers can use a foam-in-place gasketing and sealing system to automate the …

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