October 1, 2018 - Window & Door

5 Reasons to Use Smart SMP for Backbedding Sealants

As window and door demand rises, manufacturers must adapt their processes to keep up with increased output needs. Backbedding sealants in particular play an important role in being able to meet those needs. Find out five advantages smart SMP (silyl modified polymer) technology can have on your manufacturing processes. 

  1. Faster Green Strength

In order for a sealant to offer full performance capabilities, it must first achieve its green strength. It can take certain sealants a while to build full green strength. This is because they are a two-part system and must first be heated and mixed before being applied.

Smart SMP backbedding sealants, however, are a one-part system. They do not require being heated or mixed. Therefore, they reach full green strength faster than other options on the market. This reduces production time and simplify processes.

  1. Increased Safety and Ease of Use

Ambient-applied, these SMP sealants don’t need to be heated before application. This means increased safety for manufacturers and less equipment needed. Additionally, by being applied at room temperature, these sealants offer increased usability and consistent application.

  1. Enhanced Flexibility in Environmental Conditions

Furthermore, SMP backbedding sealants can be applied in different manufacturing environments. For example, if applied in a dry environment, moisture can be added to help with the curing process.

  1. Improved Long Term Durability

 SMP offers greater UV and environmental resistance when compared to other options. It does not dry out or crack and possesses superior weatherability and tensile strength. As a result, these sealants provide improved long-term durability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

backbedding sealants

  1. Increased Compatibility

As an Arkema company, Bostik’s SMP sealants for backbedding are compatible with Arkema’s range of window and door materials. This helps expedite manufacturers’ development process, given that these sealants are formulated for compatibility and ease of use with these systems. Additionally, smart SMP backbedding solutions are available in a range of performance grades compatible with many commonly used window and door materials. Therefore, they offer manufacturers reassurance that a product will meet their needs the first time and every time.

For more information on these SMP backbedding sealants and the advantages they can bring your manufacturing processes, contact us today.


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