April 13, 2017 - Automotive

Smart Windshields, Smart Windshield Adhesives

According to Automotive News, smart windshields may be the next innovation to occur in the vehicle market. Let’s take a closer look at what they are and the smart windshield adhesives used in their assembly.

What are Smart Windshields?

Smart windshields would essentially serve as digital billboards to drivers. These windshields would feature ads, directions and vehicle information. They would also tune in to how the car is running. For example, if the gas tank is getting low, a smart windshield would give an alert and provide directions to the nearest gas stations.

Not only that, but smart windshields could reflect a coupon for an item available for sale at one of the gas stations. 

How Would Smart Windshields Work?

In an effect to make vehicles be connected devices, smart windshields would use software and cloud computing to tap into vehicle performance and drivers’ buying patterns and preferences. These windshields would then be able to project an image on the screen, aligning with the driver’s gaze accordingly.

In the future, smart windshields could display anything from automatically scheduling maintenance to ordering dinner on the way home.

However, at this time, smart windshields would most likely be used just for safety tools. These include notifications about a driver’s speed and vehicle blind spots.

Smart Bonding for Smart Windshields

As car manufacturers seek to add further connectivity and value to drivers, they’ll need the smart adhesives that can keep up. Silyl modified polymer (SMP) products in particular are the solution to their needs. With the ability to replace traditional direct glazing adhesives, SMP products:

  • Are very versatile
  • Do not require primers in order to have a strong, sufficient bond
  • Are solvent and isocyanate free and don’t release VOCs or other chemicals

For more information on how SMP products are smart windshield adhesives for smart windshields and more, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or download our white paper.





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