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Smart roofing adhesives for harsh weather

Smart roofing adhesives for harsh weather

Written by Tom Mylott, Business Manager, Construction Sealants Group

Bostik’s smart roofing adhesives and sealants help make roofing manufacturers’ systems perform better. After Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Miami Dade County enacted the nation’s most stringent building codes, which were later incorporated into the Florida Building Codes. Product testing was then designed so building materials would comply with the high velocity hurricane zone standards of the new Florida Building Code. Adhesives and sealants are an important component of all roofing systems, especially in those roofing systems that need to withstand the harshest weather elements. Adhesives and sealants can be used to seal out these elements and act as an elastic bonding adhesive. Wouldn’t you want to partner with a company who has expertise and technology to make your roofing system able to meet the high standards of hurricane zone codes?

Navigating the Miami Dade County Department of Regulatory & Economic Resources – Product Control Section to obtain a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) can be challenging for adhesive manufacturers. Common obstacles these companies face while going through the process to obtain the NOA include: finding a third party test lab, creating the tests, funding the lab testing and creating a product and system that will pass the rigorous testing and stand up to the stringent code specifications. It took Bostik time to understand the testing process and develop and manufacture a product that would pass the testing to ultimately be a recipient of a Notice of Acceptance. We knew we had the highest performing technology in the market and needed to capitalize on it. Bostik products have been in the roofing industry since 1968 and have performed so well that these technologies are currently used in many other industries including: automotive, transportation and marine. They are also used to seal, bond and replace mechanical fasteners.

In our discussions with roofing material manufacturers, key pain points have been exposed.  For example, in sealing applications, a manufacturer might have the best system on the market; however, leaks can occur over time because the sealant performance criteria had been initially overlooked.  Bostik offers a “Best in Class” sealant warranty and our products have passed rigorous independent testing to become Sealant, Waterproofing, and Restoration Institute (SWRI) validated.

Another example of effective use of Bostik’s roofing adhesives and sealants can be found in fastening applications. Manufacturers have high costs for mechanical fasteners and labor for installation.  That’s where Bostik can help. We can greatly reduce the use of mechanical fasteners and labor by using an elastic bonding adhesive, which will increase the strength of the overall roofing system.

One of our adhesives, Bostik 915, is the first roofing polyurethane sealant/adhesive to obtain a Notice of Acceptance by Miami Dade County’s high velocity hurricane zone of the Florida building code.  Bostik 915 was designed for sealing expansion and control joints, perimeters of doors, windows and other wall penetrations. It has tenacious sealing and bonding performance for many roofing applications, such as metal roofs, gutters, and roof tile installations.  Wouldn’t you want to use Bostik that has been tested to the industries toughest standard and is a proven performer?

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