March 30, 2016 - Aerospace

Skin to Core Composites for Aircraft Interiors

As trends in aerospace and composites used in airplane manufacturing grow, the need for non-structural adhesives does as well. In a recent blog, we discussed heat seal adhesives, which are one type of non-structural adhesive used for insulation systems. Now, let’s take a closer look at skin to core composites used in aircraft interiors:

What are Skin to Core Composites in Aircraft Interiors?

Skin to core composites resemble honeycomb sandwiches and have the most applications for aircraft interiors, according to Composites World. The “skin” is the fabric material bonded to either side of the “core”. These composite structures are found most often in floor and ceiling panels, cargo liners, overhead stowage bins and galley walls.

What Benefits Do Skin to Core Composites Serve?

As airplane manufacturers change materials to meet specialized needs and mechanical requirements, they have turned to skin to core composites. These composite structures deliver mechanical strength, dimensional stability and low heat release in the event of a fire. Additionally, skin to core composites keep aircraft weight as low as possible for maximum efficiency and offer a lower cost option. Their low-density, lightweight core between thin facesheets dramatically increases a panel’s stiffness with little added weight.Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.10.28 AM

Bostik Adhesives for Skin to Core Composites Offer Smart and Safe Solution

Bostik offers web and film adhesive technologies that can be used to create the skin to core composite construction. These adhesive products for skin to core composite applications act as a tie layer between a variety of skins including phenolic paper, PEI, and polycarbonate.

These products are designed to withstand the constant compression of dynamic loading and also transfer the shear stresses of cabin pressure between the substrates and core of composite installations.

Bostik’s web adhesives for skin to core composites offer the following benefits:

  • Fire retardancy
  • VOC-free
  • Minimal waste during application process
  • Variable weight properties that can be adapted from 12 – 60 grams per square yard (cost-effective)

Bostik’s film adhesives for skin to core composites offer the following benefits:

  • Easy to handle and position due to thermoset qualities
  • Non-tacky design
  • Can be heat-acted or pressure sensitive (Giving customer flexibility to control curing times)

For more information about skin to core composites and our adhesive products for a range of skin to core composite applications, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

Bostik is also on Facebook (Bostik Industrial) and Twitter (Bostik_IND).

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