January 3, 2017 - Tape & Label

Technologies Behind Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs)

In a recent infographic, we outlined the operational advantages to using PSAs. PSA popularity and use are on the rise due to advances in rubber, silicone and acrylic technologies. According to Markets and Markets, and the PSA market is expected to be worth $8,501.06 million by 2020. These versatile adhesives can be used in permanent and removable applications, including automotive interior trim assembly and transdermal drug patches.

Let’s take a look at some of the technologies behind these adhesives:

Water-Based Acrylic PSAs

Water-based acrylics are typically composed of adhesive polymers that have been synthesized from vinyl acrylic monomers. By using a variety of monomers, these PSAs are able to achieve performance properties such as tack, peel and shear. Water-based acrylics produce little emission when cured and are typically fast to run when coating.

Popular applications for water-based acrylic PSAs include:

  • Film labels
  • Graphic arts

Solvent-Based Acrylic PSAs

Solvent-based acrylics provide the widest range of performance levels including good heat, chemical and water resistance. These desirable properties can be attributed to the abundant variety in their molecular structures. For example, solvent-based acrylics provide a selection of crosslinking mechanisms that enhance resistance to chemicals and other solvents.

Popular applications for solvent-based acrylics include:

  • Safety labels on outdoor power equipment
  • Automotive door seals, gaskets, baffles and filters

Hot Melt PSAs

Hot melts are thermoplastic rubber-based adhesives and do not fully set. Instead, these adhesives remain permanently sticky, which allows for excellent adhesion even after the glue has cooled. Hot melts are best known for aggressive bond strength, low temperature flexibility and high heat resistance.

Popular applications for hot melt PSAs include:

  • Packaging
  • Product assembly
  • Security bags and envelopes

For more information about PSAs, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com/us.

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