January 6, 2015 - Tape & Label

Product Line Trends

It has been said that clothes make the man, as people tend to judge others by their image. Many people make decisions about who and what others are by their outward appearance – clothes, shape, and overall style can be judged in milliseconds. In the world of bottling and labeling, this old adage is just as important as it is for individuals. The label on a bottle can make or break a product. Manufacturers want their materials to be the best-looking options on the market so that the customer is drawn to them. The label must be smooth, well-applied, and easy to read, and Bostik creates the finest and most advanced labeling adhesives available.

For decades, Bostik has been advancing adhesive technologies and creating more comprehensive product lines for all the needs of the labeling industry. Bostik supplies water based adhesives and hot melt adhesives to meet the obligations of virtually every bottling application in the world. In our role at the forefront of labeling technologies, we watch the industry’s trends closely. The following trends are a few of the most important challenges that we’ve faced as the labeling industry has evolved.

Thinner Labels

Label materials on which information is printed have become thinner over recent years in order to be more eco-friendly and cost-effective. Because of this trend, the adhesive used to apply these labels must have lower application temperatures, because if the adhesives are too hot, they can melt right through the thin labels. Additionally, thinner labels can cause problems with the effectiveness of adhesives. With less substance to the label, glues have less material to bond with. Bostik has tackled these issues by developing cooler-temperature and tackier adhesives that work with a large variety of label materials.

New Bottle Shapes

Bottles have also diversified in shape over the years. No longer content with the traditional cylinder, companies are developing curvier containers to help catch the eye of consumers. These changes in bottle style have caused new challenges on the bonding line, as labeling is no longer a matter of applying a traditional rectangular label onto a smooth cylindrical surface. Bostik, always ahead of the trends, has developed adhesives specifically for labeling oddly shaped bottles.

Higher Production Speeds

Today, it is very typical of beverage manufacturers to send five or six hundred bottles per minute down their production lines, which is another growing trend — resulting in higher amounts of labeling being done in shorter periods of time. This increase in speed and volume of production requires an adhesive that can keep up, and Bostik offers those adhesives. Bostik adhesives have been carefully crafted to handle high production speeds, and are able to form a bond in the fastest manner possible without build-up in the machinery or other processing difficulties. Whatever our clients’ label production needs may be, Bostik has the high-performing adhesive solutions, supporting a variety of speeds for in-line labelers, rotary label machines, pressure sensitive or non-pressure sensitive applications, and high-speed or moderate-speed swirl spray applications.

Bostik is dedicated to developing the finest and most trustworthy adhesives for the labels of the world. At Bostik, our acute awareness of production trends has allowed us to push the boundaries of adhesives and develop adhesives that are optimal solutions for each new challenge. Our adhesives make label production easier and hold critical labels in place, ensuring that our clients’ products stand out on shelves for customers to make the best decisions.

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