March 6, 2019 - Tape & Label

How Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Helps Daily Life

The pressure sensitive adhesive tape market is predicted to reach over $69.26 billion by 2022, cites Grand View Research. With rising demand in the packaging, automotive and construction markets, it’s clear that tape offers value to manufacturers and consumers alike. Take a look at how it helps people’s daily lives.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Benefits

Used in a range of applications, pressure sensitive adhesive tape offers many benefits, including:

  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Efficiency

As a result, it is able to help daily life in the following ways:


Pressure sensitive adhesive tape works well in construction applications. Serving as an insulation barrier around doors and windows, it prevents water and air from infiltrating the home. This helps improve a home’s energy efficiency as well as durability and longevity.

pressure sensitive adhesive tape

Noise/Vibration Damping

For vehicle assembly applications, pressure sensitive tape benefits drivers by offering noise and vibration damping qualities. This aids in an improved driving experience without adding extra weight to the vehicle’s body and hindering its fuel efficiency.

Surface Protection

Pressure sensitive adhesive tape can be used to provide a temporary protective coating over certain surfaces, ensuring they don’t get damaged. This is especially helpful during home and building remodeling projects, which continue to rise in popularity.

Road Marking

Pressure sensitive adhesive tape also aids in driver safety on the roads. For example, road marking tape provides critical guidance especially in unexpected, temporary construction zones. As a result, it helps reduce accident likelihood and mitigate driver confusion.

However, a pressure sensitive adhesive tape’s ability to insulate, reduce noise, protect surfaces and mark roads is greatly dependent upon the adhesive chosen in the first place. Bostik manufactures smart pressure sensitive adhesives designed to withstand a range of tape application demands. For help in finding an adhesive that’s right for your needs, contact us today.

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