6 Easy Hot Melt Tank Preventive Maintenance Tips

Hot melt adhesives offer versatility, robustness, durability and flexibility. As a result, they are a common go-to adhesive choice for many applications. However, if not properly maintained, they can cause manufacturing issues and downtime. Follow these preventive maintenance steps to avoid hot melt tank problems before they happen. When using a melt tank, periodically verify …

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March 8, 2020 - Flexible Packaging

Common Cold Seal Adhesive Problems, How to Address Them

Cold seal adhesives are a popular choice for many flexible packaging applications, offering advantages such as increased line speeds and decreased waste. However, they can be subject to certain cold seal adhesive problems that impact efficiencies as well as product performance and functionality if not resolved. Gain insight into some of these common problems, their …

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March 6, 2020 - Assembly

Assess Your Furniture Assembly Adhesive Options

With the variety of furniture adhesives available in today’s market, choosing the one best suited for your needs can be challenging. Take a look at three popular types of adhesives to help you know what to consider when making your furniture assembly adhesive selection.   Hot Melt Furniture Assembly Adhesives Hot melt adhesives are thermoplastic …

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How Bostik Addresses Supply Security Concerns

As cited by Homeland Security, securing the global supply chain and ensuring its smooth functioning is essential to our country’s prosperity. Given the likelihood for natural disasters, diseases and attacks, supply security seems more urgent and important now than ever. Take a look at how we do our part at Bostik to give customers supply …

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