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3 Packaging Trends Here to Stay

While the packaging market is evolving, it looks like key trends are taking root. Take a look at what three of trends are to ensure your company is able to address them.

Premium Packaging

While premium packaging is not new to the market in general, more sectors are predicted to start using it in 2019. This is because packaging that appears high-end or luxurious is more likely to appeal to consumers and build brand loyalty.

Further, unique packaging material helps differentiate brands from the competition. It also increases the likelihood that loyal consumers who like the packaging will promote the brand on social media. In fact, according to McKinsey & Company, 61% of shoppers were influenced to buy a product after viewing another consumer’s photo of the unique packaging via social media.

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Digitized Packaging

In addition to using high-end materials, packaging that offers consumers the ability to experience more from the product (and brand) are forecast to see growth this year. For example, packaging with augmented reality gives consumers the ability to use their smartphones to learn more about the product and brand itself.

This added functionality enhances consumers’ overall experience and helps further build loyalty.

Reduced Packaging Materials

Another packaging trend set to make continued inroads is an increased emphasis on sustainability. In addition to reducing packaging material waste, companies are looking to:

  • Reduce volume of materials used per package
  • Use recycled or compostable materials

This initiative helps companies reduce their carbon footprint as well while manufacturing packaging that better resonates with consumer preferences.

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