May 7, 2019 - Rigid Packaging

Make Your Case and Carton Sealing Lines Worry-Free

Plant managers work hard to keep case and carton sealing production lines running efficiently. Therefore, when corrugated boxes pop open, causing downtime and quality issues, fixing these pop-opens become top of mind.

But, imagine not having to worry about pop-opens and other problems at your plant. Kizen® adhesives make worry-free a reality.

How do Kizen adhesives reduce pop-open likelihood?

Designed to bond to difficult substrates, Kizen case and carton sealing adhesives sufficiently wet out highly recycled materials. This is due to their high-performance bonds and fast set speeds. As a result, these adhesives properly adhere to boxes without slowing down production lines.

Further, by reducing pop-opens, plants are able to decrease downtime and more easily meet quality requirements.

case and carton sealing

How can Kizen adhesives further enhance production lines?

In addition to reducing pop-opens, Kizen case and carton sealing adhesives make it easy for your plant to run seamlessly in the following ways:

  1. Reduced equipment issues: Kizen’s excellent thermal stability significantly reduce char and nozzle clogging.
  2. Decreased SKU volume and adhesive consumption: Because Kizen can be applied across production lines, only one product is needed. This simplifies production line logistics. Additionally, Kizen enables less product to be used, keeping lines running faster for longer.
  3. Increased safety: Featuring a slip prevention pellet design and enabling reduced heat exposure, Kizen adhesives keep your workers safe.

How can you get started making your plant worry-free today?

Switching to Kizen is easy. There is no need to shut down your production line to make the switch, since Kizen works seamlessly over existing adhesives in the system.

Additionally, Bostik works directly with plants throughout the trial process, conducting audits to identify further opportunities and benchmark progress. Instead of having to worry about items such as proper temperature settings yourself, Bostik experts will handle it for you.

For more information on how Bostik and Kizen adhesives make your plant worry-free, contact a Bostik expert today. You can also view this relevant content for more detail:

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