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Common Mailer Adhesive Problems and a Smart Solution

Hot melt adhesives are an ideal solution for many applications, including mailers. Able to temporarily bond a credit card to paper or a folded piece of paper together, a mailer adhesive is durable, versatile and flexible.

However, not all hot melt adhesives are appropriate for all types of mailers. Take a look at common mailer adhesive issues and why an alternative may be better suited.

Common Mailer Adhesives

 Common mailer adhesives are formulated with styrenic block copolymers that often contain hydrogenated midblocks, such as:

  • Styrene/ethylene-butylene/styrene
  • Styrene/ethylene-propylene/styrene

These formulations enable the adhesives to be soft, flexible and easy to release, making them ideal for non-porous applications, such as:

  • Plastic cards
  • Films
  • Foils

However, these common adhesives do not work well on porous applications, like paper mailer stock. This is because their high oil content causes the paper to stain. Additionally, if not properly applied, they can cause the paper to tear upon opening.

An Alternative to Common Mailer Adhesives

Due to these problems, it’s important to consider a different type of hot melt adhesive for porous applications.

One smart alternative solution is a non-pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive formulated to balance cohesive and adhesive strength. This ensures the adhesive prevents paper tear.

Additionally, this adhesive is formulated with a secondary polyolefin polymer, which allows for oil absorption and prevents staining.

For more information on this smart solution, contact Bostik at www.bostik.com. You can also read a detailed description of the patent and invention process here.

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