May 8, 2019 - Rigid Packaging

How Line Assessments Can Reduce Your Overall Cost

Packaging plants are constantly faced with pressures to increase output without increasing spend. While this can be difficult to achieve, Bostik’s case and carton sealing packaging line assessments make it easier to reduce overall costs. Here’s how:

Line Assessments Identify Cost-Saving Opportunities

When a Bostik expert comes into your plant to conduct a line assessment, s/he will look to understand how your case and carton sealing line is currently running. For example, this includes noting current:

  • Equipment settings
  • End-use package performance
  • Safety measures
  • SKU volumes
  • Product usage

Then, the Bostik expert will use this time to identify areas that can be improved. For example, perhaps your temperature settings have been too high, causing adhesion failure and costly downtime. Or, perhaps you’re purchasing multiple SKUs when only one product is needed.

A line assessment will identify problems that are leading to increased production line costs.

Line Assessments Address Downtime Problems

Additionally, case and carton sealing line assessments help alleviate problems that are causing plant downtime. For example, your plant may be spending extra time on equipment maintenance, removing charring or adhesive stringing. While these problems may not be front of mind to fix right away, associated downtime costs can add up. Line assessments ensure the right products are used to avoid these maintenance problems.

Line Assessments Provide Data to Further Optimize Costs

Additionally, consistent line assessments will help you track production line items over time. This is helpful in benchmarking progress over time and noting new ways to reduce costs further.

For more information on line assessments and how to realize the cost savings benefit of one today, contact Joe Tordella at joe.tordella@bostik.com, or view this relevant content:

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