The Latest Innovations in Wine Packaging, What They Mean for Adhesives

Reaching $61.8 billion in 2017, the U.S. wine market continues to grow as consumer preference for wine drives demand. With online distribution making it easier for smaller wineries to reach consumers combined with wine’s wide range of flavors and price points, it’s unlikely this market growth will slow down any time soon.

As a result, package manufacturers have taken note. Incorporating new innovations that appeal to consumer preferences, take a look at the latest in wine packaging and what it means for adhesives.

Innovation #1: Stand Up Pouches

A popular choice among consumers, stand up pouches are not new to the food packaging market. Now, manufacturers have extended stand up pouches to the wine market. With a carry handle and spout for easy pouring, wine is able to address consumer preference for packaging that offers convenience and functionality.

Additionally, wine kept in these pouches offer extended shelf life and preservation due to the packaging film’s oxygen barrier. Unlike wine sold in bag-in-box packages, this innovative design also reduces the need for additional packaging, reducing material use and waste production as a result.

Innovation #2: Soft Touch Materials

Package manufacturers have also noticed that consumers gravitate toward packaging that appeals to them visually and emotionally. For the wine market, this had led to innovations that focus on tactile product packaging, especially with regards to a soft and smooth finish. Consumers are more likely to choose a wine product that feels nice to the touch and looks visually pleasing over ones that don’t trigger the same response.

Innovation #3: Single Serving Sizes 

As consumers gravitate toward products that fit their on-the-go lifestyle, package manufacturers have created single serving wine products. In addition to addressing consumer demand for convenience and portability, smaller size wine products enable wine to be sold in or taken into stores that don’t allow for glass containers. Additionally, it allows wine to compete with beer in popular consumer venues, such as stadiums and theaters.

What Wine Packaging Innovations Mean for Adhesives 

As wine packaging evolves in response to consumer preferences, the incorporation of adhesives in these new designs grows as well. In particular, adhesives play an important role in:

  • Fast package line speeds
  • Package aesthetics
  • Package functionality and consumer usability

Therefore, as adhesive applications grow, it’s important that adhesives are able to address manufacturers’ needs without impacting end-product results.

Bostik manufactures smart adhesives designed improve operational efficiencies while also enhancing package quality overall. For more information on these adhesives and why they’re the smart choice for wine packaging, visit www.bostik.com.

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