January 24, 2020 - Bostik News Tape & Label

Introducing Our New Linerless Label Adhesive for Quick Service Restaurant Applications

Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets, is proud to introduce its latest linerless label adhesive designed to enhance production line efficiencies and enable sustainable packaging for quick service restaurant applications.

Formulated with hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive technology, Thermogrip® 2356 is easily removable from papers, corrugate and plastics and leaves no residue behind. Additionally, it is compatible with direct thermal face stock and is suitable for high service temperature environments. By enabling labels to adhere to a substrate without the use of release liners, this linerless adhesive also helps eliminate waste and increases operational efficiency.

linerless label adhesive

“With a deep understanding of market trends, we identified an opportunity for quick service restaurants to get the label performance they need while achieving sustainable packaging goals,” said Tyler Derus, Bostik’s Market Manager for Converted Goods. “Thermogrip 2356 enables us to expand our linerless product offering into a new application and allows our customers to contribute to a more sustainable environment.”

Contact a Bostik representative today or visit our landing page to request a sample of Thermogrip 2356 and to learn about how the company’s linerless label adhesive portfolio can help you.

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