April 7, 2018 - Rigid Packaging

Smart Interior Can Coating Resins

As cited by The Freedonia Group, the packaging coatings market is expected to increase 1.9% annually through 2020. Used to protect both the interior and exterior of rigid packaging containers, these can coatings are seen in various applications.

Let’s take a closer look at interior can coatings in particular and how Bostik stands out.

Interior can coatings protect the inner surface of the packaging materials from contact with the can’s contents. Traditionally, these coatings have contained BPA, which is an industrial chemical found in certain plastics and resins.

As consumer awareness has increased, the market has shifted away from using BPA in its can coating resin formulations. This is due to concern that BPA can seep into food or beverages, causing possible adverse health effects.

As a result, demand for BPA-free can coatings has risen.

Copolyester can coating resins in particular offer a functional and safe alternative to traditional formulations. As the main component in these coatings, copolyesters provide good sterilization resistance, adequate rigidity and protection.

Smart Interior Can Coating Resins

Bostik’s copolyester can coating resins offer an optimal balance of flexibility, strength and chemical resistance while also being safe for consumers.

Additionally, these FDA-compliant can coating resins can be formulated with metamine, benzoguanamine and blocked polyisocyanate cross-linkers. These cross-linkers enable them to offer excellent adhesion and maintain integrity during aggressive retort conditions.

In particular, Bostik’s interior can coating resins offer the following benefits:

  • Good flexibility
  • Scratch resistance
  • Great adhesion
  • Food contact compliant
  • Suitable for 2 and 3 piece food cans

Furthermore, Bostik’s global resources and relationship with Arkema enables our company to be a one-stop-shop for can coatings on a global scale. For example, as Bostik manufactures the interior can coating resins, Arkema formulates the exterior can coating resins.

For more information on how Bostik is committed to serving the can coatings industry, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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