Instant Adhesives May be Right for Your Application

As the global instant adhesives market gains momentum, slated to reach $3.14 billion by 2026, it’s a good idea to consider if these solutions are right for your product assembly processes. Gain insight into their benefits and how they may be ideal for your assembly application.

Production Efficiency

With fast, room-temperature curing, instant adhesives help keep production lines moving. They are able to achieve strong bond strength within seconds of application. Further, by not needing heat to cure, they reduce the amount of production equipment and space needed. These adhesives also solvent-free, making them safer and easier for workers to use.

Design Flexibility

Additionally, instant adhesives possess robust bonding capabilities to a variety of substrates, such as:

  • Metals
  • Composites
  • Plastics
  • Elastomers

As a result, they are able to increase design possibilities for assembly applications.

Product Durability

Instant adhesives also offer excellent aging and weathering properties. This makes them ideal for applications that will be exposed to environmental conditions and helps increase overall product durability.

Bostik formulates a new line of instant adhesives, Born2Bond, designed to provide these benefits and more. For example, these solutions are:

  • Low odor for a more comfortable manufacturing environment
  • Low blooming for higher quality end products
  • High impact resistance for increased performance

To learn more about how these solutions can help your product assemblies for automotive, transportation, electronic applications and more, contact a Bostik expert today.

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