December 29, 2016 - Automotive

Innovative Automotive Interiors

As cited in Automotive News, technology is radically changing how carmakers design and manufacture automotive interiors. In addition to quality improvements, these changes include new features and materials undreamed of a few years ago.

Furthermore, automotive interiors are becoming more about usability and connectivity, as carmakers respond to consumer desires. Let’s take a look at some of those top interior innovations:

Innovative Automotive Lighting

A recent change to door panels has been to add LED lighting along the inside. This lighting helps passengers when getting in and out of the car and adds a clean, sophisticated look to the car’s interior, boosting its ambiance and appeal. 

Innovative Automotive Storage

Manufacturers are improving the usability of instrument panels and center consoles by incorporating innovative means of storage.

For example, certain car models now will have an illuminated storage bin running along the bottom of the instrument panel below the climate and infotainment area. Others will have specialized “catchbins” to better use the small spaces in the center console and under seats.

innovative automotive

Innovative Automotive Seating

Several car manufacturers are redesigning seating to accommodate seven adults comfortably in one vehicle. By rearranging where other items, like car battery packs, are stored, it will allow for ample seating and great comfort.

Additionally, new types of seating are being manufactured that are able to take occupants’ biometric measurements and adjust changes in seat positioning accordingly.

Innovative Automotive Connectivity

Certain vehicles are already being manufactured with driver assistance technology to help keep drivers from drifting out of lane and monitor blind spots. Yet even more connectivity and personal assistance will be added soon, too. For example, vehicles now will be able to monitor drivers’ vital signs and automatically react accordingly.

These new innovations are changing not only how cars are made but also how cars are perceived and driven. Bostik manufactures smart adhesives that are designed to keep up with automotive innovations, making the assembly process faster, safer and more efficient. For more information on these adhesives for interior applications, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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