January 31, 2019 - Rigid Packaging

If it’s Not an EVA or Metallocene, What is it?

For many packaging production lines, EVAs and metallocenes have been the common, go-to adhesives for case and carton sealing. Yet while they have their benefits, they may be holding your lines back running as efficiency as possible.

That’s where Kizen® can help.

What is Kizen?

Like EVA and metallocene, Kizen is a case and carton hot melt adhesive. However, unlike EVA and metallocene, it offers unique advantages to better meet your needs. This is because Kizen is formulated using a custom water-white technology.

Kizen is Clean and Clear

Clean and clear, Kizen makes it easier for you to see the hot melt adhesive pot and monitor performance. This is a distinct advantage over EVA, which is darker in color and can make pot visibility difficult. Char may be forming, but you may be unable to see it with an EVA.

Kizen Offers Great Pot Stability

Additionally, Kizen offers great pot stability. It can withstand temperatures for longer periods of time than both EVAs and metallocenes. Kizen will not break down nor will it discolor. Instead, it will maintain its performance.


Kizen Yields Cost Savings

Furthermore, Kizen is based on a stable raw material, unlike metallocenes. This means its pricing is more economical. Kizen also enables SKU consolidation. In addition to line optimizations, this helps reduce costs.

Kizen is formulated for on-demand production lines and reduces charring and stringing. This further increases productivity, reducing downtime and associated maintenance costs.

How to Get Started

Kizen is also easy to trial and run. There is no need to shut down your production line. It will work seamlessly over existing adhesives in the system while offering:

  • Enhanced fiber tear bonds
  • Wide operating window
  • Excellent adhesion to recycled content

Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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