April 3, 2019 - Rigid Packaging

How to Know a Packaging Line Assessment is Right for You

We understand that it can be difficult to produce more packages at a faster rate while adhering to cost constraints and sustainability requirements. It can be even more difficult when production downtime occurs or material issues arise. Fortunately, a packaging line assessment can help alleviate worries and avoid potential problems. Find out what an assessment entails to consider if one right for you.

What a Line Assessment Entails

During a line assessment, a Bostik expert will visit your plant and work with you to understand your current and desired state production line needs. In particular, the expert will assess existing processes, including your:

  • Equipment settings (temperature, line speed, etc.)
  • Adhesive coat weight
  • Fiber tear rate

Once the expert has a clear idea of your current processes, our team will identify recommended optimizations for your production line. These can include:

  • Adjusting the equipment settings
  • Recommending a different adhesive
  • Advising on proper maintenance and operational procedures

Additionally, our team will start benchmarking your data, so you can see how your production line improves overtime as adjustments are made.

Sample Line Assessment Sheet

Why a Line Assessment is Valuable

In addition to identifying problems and offering solutions, a packaging line assessment:

  • Alleviates your worry: You can focus solely on keeping your plant running smoothly and efficiently. Our Bostik expert will be able to address and resolve problems for you.
  • Shows your plant’s value to your company: As many plants must address cost savings initiatives, a line assessment helps show specifically what is being done to meet those needs. For example, it can yield:
  • Reduced adhesive consumption
  • Reduced adhesive SKUs
  • Improved equipment efficiency
  • Benchmarks current and future data: Line assessment also serve as a great tool to see progress over time as optimizations are made.

Considering a line audit? Request one today, and start alleviating your worries tomorrow!

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