November 7, 2018 - Tape & Label

How to Choose the Right Label for Your Application

As the label market grows, seeing increased demand from the e-commerce sector especially, it’s important for converters and brand owners to choose the right label for their application needs.

Follow these tips to help in proper label selection.

  1. Know the type of end-use surface ahead of time

Before choosing your label, consider the surface it will be applied to once complete. For example, different levels of adhesion will be needed if the surface is:

  • Smooth vs. textured
  • Exposed to water, oil or grease
  1. Consider Surface Expansion and Contraction

Surfaces expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate. This can impact label performance if the chosen label is not flexible enough to accommodate surface movement for a given application.

choosing a label

  1. Determine Longevity Needs

When choosing a label, it’s important to know how long the label needs to last and the type of environment to which it will be exposed. For example, a shipping label needs to only last until the package is delivered. However, a label on a safety sign needs to last indefinitely.

Understanding longevity needs will aid in selecting the right type of label substrate and adhesive.

  1. Choose Quality Label Substrate and Adhesive

It’s also a good idea to ensure the label substrate is correct for the needed application. If the wrong substrate is chosen, the label will likely peel or curl. Likewise, the adhesive needs to be compatible to the substrate and suited for the application as well. This will help the label maintain performance and improve overall aesthetics.

Bostik formulates smart label adhesives designed to withstand even the toughest label application needs. For more tips on label selection, call 800-7-BOSTIK, and speak with an expert today. You can also check out these helpful blog posts:

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