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How to Boost FMCG Label Manufacturing Efficiencies, Product Quality

As the global fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market grows, projected to reach $15.4 trillion by 2025, it can be difficult for FMCG label manufacturers to balance high output demands with high product quality. Fortunately, if manufacturers use the right prime label adhesive, this can be easy. Consider the following:

How Your Prime Label Adhesive Can Improve Production Efficiencies

Your prime label adhesive plays a significant role in your production line speeds. The wrong label adhesive can cause equipment issues, label flagging and more. However, the right adhesive can reduce unplanned downtime, thus boosting production efficiencies.

Choose an adhesive that offers good die-cuttability. This means it allows your labels to be easily cut into needed shapes and sizes to fit your application. An adhesive that doesn’t possess this quality can make achieving desired label production speeds difficult.

A prime label adhesive that is initially repositionable can also improve your efficiencies. If a label is placed in the wrong spot and needs to be moved, it can be done without having to redo the labeling process in its entirety or throw out any materials.

How Your Prime Label Adhesive Can Improve End-Use Product Quality

Further, your chosen adhesive can dictate overall end-use product quality once the label is placed on the FMCG product.

Consider an adhesive that offers excellent wet out. This will ensure a “no-look” label, popular for many household sanitation products, allows for a clear view of the product through the package.

Additionally, a prime label adhesive with a sufficient temperature performance range for your application ensures your labels will maintain a strong bond even when refrigerated. Likewise, it enables you to label items that are packaged hot.

FMCG label

Further, if your adhesive offers a strong, permanent bond, you can rest assured that it won’t fall off the end-use product and impact quality.

If you need a prime label adhesive for your FMCG product, consider Bostik. Bostik’s adhesives meet FDA regulations for food packaging and can handle chemical exposure in household cleaning chemicals.

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Contact a Bostik representative for more detail on how our adhesives are ideal for your FMCG products.

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