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How Consumer Drivers Impact Packaging

As Flexible Packaging Association reports, consumers no longer buy products. They buy experiences, and packaging plays an increasingly important role in delivering those experiences time and again. To ensure your packaging is able to do so, find out how packaging responds to consumer drivers.

Consumer Empowerment

As millennials become the most prominent buying power group, it’s important for packaging manufacturers to understand their views and desires. In particular, they want to feel empowered and in control of their purchase decisions.

Connected packaging is key to addressing empowerment through mobile engagement.

This type of packaging enables the consumer to scan the package and learn more about certain aspects including:

  • Product recommendations
  • Best use guidance
  • Brand’s story
consumer drivers

Consumer Convenience

In addition to feeling empowered about their decisions, consumers also increasingly prefer convenience. They look for brands that resonate with their lifestyle and don’t impede it.

Portable, on-the-go packaging gives them that experience. In particular, this means packaging that offers:

  • Reseal functionality
  • Easy to hold shapes
  • Single use sizing

Consumer Health Consciousness

Further, more consumers are concerned with having a fit, active and healthy lifestyle. Packaging that helps fuel this desire and enables this experience is key. For example, this means:

  • Package transparency: Consumers want to assess freshness on fruits and vegetables. Clear packaging that reduces fog formation enables product visibility while aiding in freshness.
  • Clean labels: Packaging that utilizes clean labels support consumer preference for natural, wholesome experiences.

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