March 1, 2019 - Automotive

How the Right Automotive Flooring Addresses Consumer Preferences

According to Grandview Market Research, automotive flooring is slated to reach $947.4 million by 2025. In addition to the growing global automotive market, key trends are driving flooring demand. Gain insight into what these trends are and how the right adhesive helps address them.

Enhanced Comfort

Consumers increasingly prefer peaceful and smooth car riding experiences. Automotive flooring plays a significant role in reducing noise from the road and powertrain, making for a quieter and more enjoyable ride.

Improved Interior Aesthetics

Additionally, automotive flooring offers protection from dirt, corrosion and wear. As consumer preference for vehicle aesthetics rises, more emphasis is placed on the interior when considering a purchase decision. Automotive flooring can provide increased perceived value and enhanced overall aesthetics.

Increased Sustainability

Further, innovative floor material is lightweight. This improves fuel efficiency, resonating with consumer preferences for reduced carbon emissions and increased eco-friendliness. Certain flooring also is recyclable. This feature further appeals to consumer preference for increased sustainability and environmental benefits.

The Right Adhesive for Automotive Flooring

As adhesives increasingly replace mechanical fasteners in vehicle assembly, they are especially important in bonding automotive flooring applications. In particular, the right adhesive can further the flooring’s ability to meet consumer demands in the following ways:

  • Noise and vibration damping capabilities for an even quieter ride
  • Uniform application for seamless, durable bonding appearance
  • Compatibility with certain flooring materials for increased recyclability levels
  • Lightweight formulation for improved fuel efficiency

In addition to helping address consumer preferences, the right adhesive also can improve operational efficiency, reducing overall costs. For more information on adhesives for automotive interiors in general, view this relevant content:

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