April 21, 2015 - Automotive

Bostik Receives Frost & Sullivan Automotive Award

Frost & Sullivan is a worldwide growth consulting firm which provides analysis, market research, growth and strategy consulting, and corporate training services within several industries, from automotive, to healthcare, to internet and communications technology. Every year, they honor companies from regions and markets the world over with Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards. Frost & Sullivan’s team of industry analysts seek out the very finest of companies and individuals and measures their performance through independent, primary interviews, and secondary industry research in order to have a thorough evaluation. They identify the very best practices across numerous industries.

This past year, Bostik was found to be among the finest companies in the world and was bestowed with the North American Automotive Direct Glazing Enabling Technology Leadership Award. This award is given to the company that demonstrates superior leadership in technological innovations. Additionally, the winners of this award have proven to maintain the very finest of customer service.

Bostik was selected over all other companies in the adhesive and glazing markets to receive this award due to, not just their initiatives to enhance technology and current products, but also because of Bostik’s endless effort to perfect operational efficiencies of their products for the customers. Most importantly among these products is their silyl modified polymer, or SMP, adhesive technology. SMP adhesives offer superior elongation, torsional strength, temperature resistance, and adhesion to the most diverse range of substrate materials in automotive glazing.

Bostik’s commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, as well as the devotion of a large portion of their company to research and understanding of their customer’s needs, demonstrates why they are so deserving of the Frost & Sullivan honor. With this award, Bostik is more determined than ever to push the future of automotive glazing technology and to be the most knowledgeable, capable, and comprehensive company in the business. This pursuit of knowledge and desire to constantly improve every aspect of their company and their employees is how Bostik has been able to initiate the most innovations and the most solutions in the glazing and adhesive markets. Over the last three decades, there have been few advancements in glazing technology, and Bostik has been responsible for the smartest and most innovative solutions.

Frost & Sullivan’s selection of Bostik as the recipient of the North American Automotive Direct Glazing Enabling Technology Leadership Award has motivated them to continue everything they do that makes them the example for so many other companies in the world. This award is given to the company that demonstrates superior leadership, and that is exactly what Bostik is going to continue to be: a leader and the forerunner to all others as to where the future of glazing and adhesives is heading.

Click here to download a whitepaper discussing Bostik’s SMP adhesive technology.

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