October 24, 2018 - Flexible Packaging

Improve Your Flexible Packaging Operational Efficiencies

Today’s flexible packaging converters are challenged to manufacture films and materials that enable modern package functionality to meet consumer preferences. However, this can cause processing to become increasingly complex and negatively impact operational efficiencies. Fortunately, innovative anti-fog heat seal coatings are formulated to reduce complexity and enhance productivity in the following ways:

1. Reduce SKU Volumes and Processing Steps

Typically, converters must use two products and two separate processing methods to achieve a proper heat seal for package integrity and an anti-fog coating for end-use package visibility.

However, smart anti-fog heat seal coatings help reduce SKU volume and processing steps while accomplishing the same end goal. This is because they combine both the heat seal and anti-fog capabilities into one solution. Converters are able to manufacture high-value, functional films with one converting step. This reduces the number of products needed, cuts machining time in half and improves operational efficiencies.

operational efficiencies

2. Improve Compatibility 

Additionally, smart anti-fog heat seal coatings are fully compatible on PET lid stock as well as APET and RPET tray stocks. Currently, many converters require an LDPE sealing layer to seal tradition lidding films to PET trays. In addition to increased complexity, this poses compatibility issues for end-use performance and recycling. Smart anti-fog heat seal coatings can be applied directly to rigid PET trays without a sealing layer, offering ideal compatibility levels and simplified recyclability.

3. Streamline Processes

Furthermore, smart anti-fog heat seal coatings exhibit low blocking and are easy for converters to use on their production lines. In some cases, certain coatings are susceptible to blocking. This can cause production lines to stop if they block to a certain extent and are unusable.

Smart anti-fog heat seal coatings, on the other hand, are formulated to simplify operations. They do not require special transportation or storage and are designed to run on a range of converting equipment. Converters are able to manufacture flexible packaging with functionalities that address consumer preferences and improve operational efficiencies.

For more information on how these innovative coatings can help you, visit www.bostik.com/us/anti-fog.

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