May 30, 2019 - Rigid Packaging Tape & Label

Find the Right Label Material and Labeling Adhesive Combination

As cited in Label and Narrow Web, one of the biggest challenges the beverage packaging market faces is finding the right combination of label material and labeling adhesive. Take a look at what to consider:

  1. Bottle Condition During Labeling

Some applications, such as beer bottle labeling, require the bottle to be wet and cold during label application. However, others, such as wine labeling, are done at room temperature on dry bottles. Understanding the bottle’s condition during labeling ahead of time help determine which material and adhesive will work best.

  1. Type of Equipment Being Used

In addition to understanding the bottle’s condition during labeling, it’s a good idea to understand how the production equipment works. For example, knowing line speeds can help determine whether the material and adhesive will have enough time to set in the needed time frame. Additionally, the environment’s temperature plays a key role in label material and adhesive selection.

  1. End-Use Performance Needs

Another aspect to consider is the end-use performance criteria for the label material and adhesive. For example, bottles that require the clear look must have labels that are extremely clear. This means that certain material and adhesive combinations, which are susceptible to clouding, cannot be used.

labeling adhesive

Bostik’s dedicated team helps address material and adhesive compatibility concerns. Working directly with customers, we conduct extensive testing to ensure the combination will withstand application demands, equipment constraints and demanding end-use performance criteria. Additionally, our labeling adhesives offer a range of capabilities, including:

  • Good heat resistance
  • Aggressive tack
  • Excellent, reliable label pick up

For more information on how these labeling adhesives work well with certain materials, contact a Bostik expert today.

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