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How the Filtration Industry Responds to Global Megatrends

A recent Markets and Markets report cited the global industrial filtration market is likely be worth $30.78 billion by 2021. With growth largely fueled by certain global megatrends, it’s important to understand what these trends are and how the filtration industry addresses them.

Global Megatrend #1: Population Growth

As the global population rises, there is an accelerated need for accessible clean air and water to provide a sustainable, prosperous environment.

Filtration is experiencing an increase in demand as a result. An enabling technology to many industries, the filtration industry works to continually improve its products in order to meet the needs associated with the growing population. This includes providing innovative filtration solutions that help increase operational efficiencies while improving filter performance.

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Global Megatrend #2: Healthcare Advancements

With governmental and societal emphasis on improving healthcare, advancements are sought that enable people to live longer and healthier lives. Filtration is able to respond to this megatrend as well.

For example, part of healthcare advancement entails promoting all natural and pure consumables. Filtration is key in making products safe and pure, benefiting human health. Additionally, filtration aids in drug therapies, which are experiencing increased demand in healthcare improvement efforts as well.

Global Megatrend #3: Race to Zero

Due to global governmental pressures, industrial manufacturing is now focused on achieving zero emissions and reducing waste. Used in automotive assembly especially, filtration can help promote the “race to zero” with innovative technology improvements.

In particular, these innovations include finer filtration capabilities, which remove increasingly smaller particles and chemicals.

Furthermore, the filtration industry manufactures reusable and self-cleaning filters designed to extend filter service life while reducing waste.

How Smart Adhesives Promote Smart Filtration

Given that filtration serves an important role in keeping our environment clean and healthy, it’s a good idea to use sustainable materials in their manufacturing, such as smart adhesives. Smart adhesives help create efficient, lightweight filters that boost manufacturing efficiencies while lowering overall manufacturing costs.

For more information on how Bostik’s adhesives for the filtration industry are smart, contact a Bostik expert today.

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