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Where the Fashion Industry is Heading, How Adhesives Can Help it Get There

A McKinsey & Company article cites that the dynamics of the apparel industry are changing dramatically and not just with regards to fashion trends. As consumers become more environmentally conscious around the world, clothing manufacturers are doing their part to aid in sustainability efforts.

Designing Sustainable Clothing 

According to Nonwovens Report International, the link between textile clothing and sustainability is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s latest fashion designs. As more material waste is sent to landfills each year, designers and retailers look for ways to produce clothing that benefits the environment while understanding the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry.

For example, given that the industry hasn’t focused on long-use clothing in the past anyhow, certain designers are capitalizing on this to create nonwoven materials made out of recyclable, shorter-term wear materials.

Using Sustainable Materials

Other designers are looking to replace existing materials with more environmentally friendly options. In particular, this means using organic cotton or only natural dyestuffs in articles of clothing. This is in an effort to reduce the fashion industry’s carbon footprint and pollution output. Additionally, it’s in an attempt to conserve natural resource use, especially water. By changing manufacturing processes, clothing designers hope to appeal to consumer values of environmentally friendly products while boosting sustainability.

How Smart Adhesives Aid in Sustainable Apparel Trend

As new, sustainable clothing processes and garments are developed, smart adhesives can play an important role in meeting this trend. In addition to aiding in fabric breathability and flexibility, adhesives help:

  • Reduce chemical and water usage
  • Decrease cotton garment waste volume
  • Reduce energy usage in fiber-making process

Furthermore, by offering a lightweight, uniform coat weight, smart adhesives can reduce adhesive consumption while improving fabric’s overall look and feel.

Bostik manufactures smart, sustainable web adhesives ideal for environmentally friendly apparel. For more information on how these adhesives enhance operational efficiencies and aid in sustainable clothing, visit www.bostik.com.

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