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Preparing for tomorrow

Each of our 4,700 employees in 42 countries around the world is committed to thinking and acting responsibly; ensuring that sustainability and innovation become second nature. Together, we strive for economic prosperity while protecting the environment and improving quality of life now and for future generations.

In its quest for sustainable development, Bostik strives to achieve economic prosperity while protecting the environment and improving quality of life, now and for the generations to come. Bostik pursues its role in meeting these challenges through five bold continuous improvement action plans:

  • Develop innovative solutions which meet and anticipate the needs of present and future generations by contributing to energy conservation and reducing the health and environmental footprint of its products.
  • Support its customers in improving the environmental impact of their products and processes.
  • Minimize the environmental impact of its operations.
  • Devote extensive resources to Research and Development and innovation management.
  • Convert knowledge from the upstream chemical industry to end users’ needs, creating innovation throughout the whole value chain.

These commitments are formal components of Bostik’s long term strategic plan in order to achieve continuous improvement in our contribution to sustainable development.

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  1. Chuck Whaley says:

    Informative and well done web site!

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