May 31, 2017 - Building & Construction

Top Construction Trends Impacting the Market

With global construction growth predicted at a 2.8% average over the next five years, as cited in Construction Dive, key construction trends are shaping the market.

These include:

Moldular Construction

Also known as prefabricated and panelization systems, this type of construction isn’t new to the industry. However, it continues to grow in popularity, especially due to increasing time and quality control concerns.

For example, modular construction projects take place in climate-controlled environments. No longer weather dependent, contractors are able to be more efficient with their building deadlines, saving time and money.

Additionally, this type of construction offers increased safety and design flexibility. As a result, more construction firms are predicted to embrace this trend in 2017.

Job Site Technology Advancements

Another construction trend poised to shape the market is virtual and augmented reality technology. While slow to gain traction at this time, it allows builders to detect errors ahead of time and avoid costly mistakes. Additionally, it helps with collaboration before a project begins.

Other technologies construction firms are embracing include wearables. These devices track workers at job sites, enabling them to be aware of any hazards. Equipment sensors also let teams know when equipment needs repair.

construction trends

Design-Build Processes

In 2017, it’s anticipated that design-build processes will gain popularity over traditional construction methods. This construction trend consolidates the design and constructing of a project together into one process. Doing so helps create a greater sense of teamwork and collaboration, addressing and avoiding potential issues from the start.

Additionally, it enables construction projects to get started sooner and finish faster, saving companies time and money.

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