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How Butyl Flashing Tape Adhesives Address Application Needs

In recent years, flashing tape has become a requirement for achieving optimal building envelope tightness. As the flashing tape market expands, seeing increased use in windows, doors and roofs, it’s important to understand the role adhesives play in achieving proper tape performance. Find out how butyl flashing tape adhesives keep up with application needs. High …

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May 13, 2021 - Tape & Label

3 Ways PSAs Optimize Label Release Liner Performance

While the release liner is an important part of label construction, the chosen pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) largely determines its performance capabilities. Find out three things to consider to ensure your release liner performance is an optimal level. Consider End-Use Performance Requirements Prior to manufacturing a label with its release liner and PSA, consider the …

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Address Ecommerce Packaging’s Complex Needs

As an ecommerce packaging manufacturer, it’s imperative to ensure that your closures can protect a package’s contents from the outside environment as well as other damage and safety risks. However, some ecommerce packaging applications have complex needs that can make it hard to find the right kind of closure. These needs include: Increased security: As more items …

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March 24, 2021 - Tape & Label

Why Your Portfolio Needs Seam Sealing Tape

As a tape manufacturer, you want to stay on top of new markets and ways your tapes can help them. One area to focus your tape manufacturing efforts on in particular is the building industry’s need for seam sealing tape. Ideal for holding air and vapor barriers in place, this type of tape is increasing …

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