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October 18, 2018 - Tape & Label

4 Reasons to Consider Adding Durable Labels to Your Portfolio

With increasing regulations and enhanced security needs, the market for durable labels expands. As more converters look to offer durable labels, it’s a good idea to understand the reasons to use these labels and why you’d want to offer them in your portfolio. #1. Safety Durable labels are essential for applications that need to convey …

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How to Determine if a Sustainable Adhesive is Right for You

In a recent blog, we discussed the five types of sustainable adhesives slated to rise in demand as increasing emphasis is placed on environmental improvement. Designed to meet the changing global needs for environmentally friendly products, these adhesives do not replace conventional adhesives, but rather serve as an alternative option for certain applications. Therefore, it’s …

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5 Types of Sustainable Adhesives You Should Know About

As the global adhesives market continues to grow, expected to reach $53.5 billion by 2022, green and sustainable solutions are predicted to show greater growth in demand as compared to conventional adhesives. While conventional adhesives work well on all applications, increasing governmental regulations and consumers’ environmental concerns are fueling demand for more sustainable adhesive options …

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3 Reasons Why Frozen Food is on the Rise

Expected to account for $306 billion by 2020, frozen food is on the rise due in large part to millennial preferences. Find out why these foods are gaining popularity and the smart solutions for their packaging. Growth Factor #1: Convenience As millennials drive frozen food demand, one of the leading causes for their preference is …

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